I was privilage to have won tickets for 2 to Ada Zandition preview show on Friday, it was only on for an hour.

So who is Ada Zanditon?

She is a designer, not mainstream but has a  serious commitment to the environment.

Sitting down amongst journalists and people from the industry a series of manniquins displayed her new collection

I actually like the collection, it is very versatile, and could easily be part of anyones wardrobe, maybe not every item but mix and matching with other clothes. Love the blue, white, grey material and the orange coat with pyramids down the arm was very different but that was the quirky thing about it, different.

After the preview the lovely girls of the pr company took us for cocktails and boy they were good. It was all good fun and an experience and I truly believe this designer is someone to keep an eye on, a different approach to fashion.