Synopsis: Libby and Jack are married and living by the sea. After a while Libby begins to doubt Jack’s love for especially since the loss of his first wife. As a startling event occurs Libby realises she must find out all she can about Jack and his first wife Eve’s past. As Libby starts to uncover secrets she is worried that maybe she has gone too far and is unsure whether she will end up like Jack’s first wife.
The story seemed straight forward, but as I opened up the book realised it was going between the characters in the present and past, worried that I would get easily lost, as I tend to read whenever I get the time. It was quite the opposite really, I found it easy to read and to the extent where I couldnt put it down, wanting to find out what happens. The 2 main characters are very well defined, Libby is a lovely character who has her own insecurities about her husband Jack and the things he hides. Although it’s clear that Jack has a troubled past you can’t help but warm to him, he may not be perfect but you can’t help but feel that his heart truly belongs to Libby.
It was well written and a would recommend it to any chick book fans, as it leaves you wanting more.
The Woman He Loved Before - Dorothy Koomson