Ask to review the sweets a bit amphrasive, will there be a lack of taste.

I was sent Rhubard & Custard, Barley Twist, Throat & Chest and Orange Sherberts.

So 1st up was the Barley twists, never had these before and worried what they will taste like. I was pleasently surprise not the taste I was expecting, a sweet taste and no bitter aftertaste, but it did seem to be lacking some appeal for me.

Next was the Rhubard and Custard. I have to admit not a lover of Rhubard so gave to my husband to taste. He said they were a brillant alternative to normal ones, he said he would now the difference if I hadnt told hom they were sugar free.

Throat and Chest sweets, well seeing the black wonder whether they would be harsh, but no a sutle menthyl taste which I could quite see using again. Atlas my daughter only likes fruity throat sweets, so think this would be one that wouold definately appeal to adults.

Sherbert Oranges, OMG I love Sherbert Lemons and these have the same appeal, love the sweet fizziness and definately would recommend to anyone that is a lover of this type of sweets.

Lastly Oranges and Lemons, well these did not fail to drawn me in, they had a lovely fruity flavour, enjoyed the contrast between the sweetness of the oranges and then the different lemons.

I am definately going to check out for their all types of sweets, you can also find them on twitter @sweetjunkie