As a mum I often don’t treat myself, well not to expensive items, I can have a spending spree in Primark and come out with bags of clothes for under £100. So when I received an email saying I had won £500 to spend at the designer shop Stanwells I was so excited, but was short-lived.

Designer clothes can be very nice but not made for my size 16/18. So I do what I normally do, allow my very thin, athletic daughter the win. Except it took me 5 days before I actually told her. After discussing with a few friends, I realised that clothes was not the only items on offer, but bags and jewellery as well.

Decisions decisions…… after a lot of thought, I decided that I would still treat my daughter and Niece, but also my best friend as well, if there was any money left.

So in my brain I was trying to work out the best items to have and was very pleased to find they also was having a sale, so could get more for my money, but also finding items in the sizes which did prove difficult, but we got there in the end.

So for my daughter, we chose 2 pairs of Jeans

MIH Jeans Breathless Goodie Stretch Jeans, these were reduced from £185 to £92.50

Sass & Bide The Lover Skinny Boy Jean  reduced from £245.00 to £122.50.

For my niece originally I wanted to get some Juicy Couture Blue Leggings, but they sold out between me checking the website and sending the email. I did ask them what else they had around that price range and came up with

Juicy Couture Velour Track Pant In Cherry Fizz these were reduced from £95.00 to £47.50.

So for my best friend Vikki I decided that buying clothes may be difficult because of sizing so opted for

Juicy Couture Classic Velour Purse In Black reduced from £118.00 to £59.00

Last but least my treat 🙂 something a girl can never have enough of –

Juicy Couture Large Handbag In Taupe reduced from £384.00 to £192.00. There would be no way on this earth i would ever spend £200 on a bag let alone £400 and decided that I would for a change treat myself.

You are probably adding it up and yes, spent more than the £500 by £13.50 which I didn’t think was too bad, they rang on Friday took my credit card number to pay the difference and said it was being sent. I was absolutely gobsmacked when it turned up on Saturday morning, so really impressed with the delivery service. The items were all nicely wrapped, placed in a bag and then in a secure box.

My daughter loved the jeans, both fitted (one pair actually too big slightly around the waist but nothing a belt will sort out), the black ones she adores as look leatherish.

My nieces tracksuit bottoms were more a pinky colour than red, but as a pink girl, she also loved them, now they were too long for her, as she is short, but that has not stopped her from wearing them, again thrilled.

My best friend was very surprised when I handed the purse over, as she wasnt expecting anything, even though I had told her about the win, having to stop her taking the pink draw string bag my handbag came in.

As for me I do keep getting out my bag, and looking at it. I will use it, but not everyday use, it’s too good for that.

So all in all I have managed to please quite a few people with my win, and for those who are reading this thinking that things like this never happen to them, a word of advice I always thought that, it’s the luck of the draw and you have to be in it to win it.