I was asked to test and review the Dylon Colour Catcher.

So how does it work – during the wash, the sheet removes and holds on to the loose dyes and dirt, preventing colour runs and discolouration of your washing. At the end of the wash, you see the result, the dye on the sheet, not your washing.

I decided to use it with a dark wash, most of the items are black, but a selection of pink clothes were added too. At the end of the wash the pink items were still very much bright pink. I then did a white wash putting in a bright yellow item. The whites remained very much white. You can see from the picture below, even though not brightly colour there is some colour discolouration on the sheet, proving it does work.

I will definitely be keeping a stock in my cupboard, to use especially when washing an item for the 1st time, thus saving washing by itself.  My family also suffer from skin allergies and eczema, and using this sheet did not cause any problems.

Colour Catcher is widely available from all supermarkets around  a box of 20 sheets is around £2.80, well worth investing in to save and prolong the live of your clothes.