I cant believe just a year ago we decided not to wait anymore, and with the help of Barclays had the remainder of our extension built.

The builder was instructed to build a water tight shell, leaving my husband to finish off. He started with finishing the kitchen, took a long time in my luxurious bathroom, then finished the family/spare room. but we have not been able to enjoy it, as we moved our daughter in there in order to put a new window in her bedroom and move her fitted wardrobes to a new wall.

So Wednesday when the carpet fitter came to lay a new carpet in her bedroom, we were able to actually put the furniture (that has been living in our bedroom) into the room it was intended for.

The room gets the sun in the morning so is brilliant on nice sunny days, also somewhere anyone can go if they want to listen to music, watch something else on the telly or have quiet time. It will probably be where Beth and her friends will hang out, instead of my lounge or her bedroom. I have my eye on a cabinet from Homesense, which will house the wii, dvd player and the TV can sit on top. We need to find a tv for the room as it has my old tv from the bedroom, which is not really big enough, but doesnt need to be anything special.

It is now dawning on my that my little 2 bedroom detach bunglow is now longer little, with the added room already to be used and the room in the roof now to be finished. So I am now ready to receive guests without turfing beth out of her bedroom.