I have to be honest, always use Nivea traditional blue pot moisturiser on my face, this is mainly to my previous experience.

I suffer from eczema, and with stress can flare up easy under my eyes, which then causes me more distress. Apart from the cream that I get from the doctors, I use nivea to keep moisturised and free from eczema.

Today I have been brave, and used a sample of Biotherm – Skin Ergetic which I got from @BiothermBeauty on twitter and wow what a surprise.

It has a very lovely fresh fragrance, and added the sample onto my face could feel the moisture and no tingling from allergic reactions. 3 hours later, my skin still feels a lovely condition, not greasy but moisturised. I would be interested in seeing what the long-term results are from using this product.

I think this is one I am definitely gonna to buy, but at £37.50 a bit of a luxury item.

Their website is www.biotherm.com and on facebook here http://www.facebook.com/biotherm#!/biotherm#!/biotherm?sk=info and on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/BiothermBeauty