Ever since I saw Nigel Slater cook a dish using turkey mince I was intrigued. I am trying to follow a diet and Turkey Mince is alot better than Lamb or Beef Mince.

Trying a few alternatives, I decided that I needed to do a cook up so it was Bolognese mince today.

This is the pot I use and you will see why in a minute. So the Turkey Mince cost me £1.97 for 500g, adding to it was 3 onions, some garlic, Bolognese mix, tinned chopped tomatoes, mushrooms and seasoning (personal taste I used mixed herbs). Altogether I think it has cost no more than £3.00 and what alot it made, a good 4 portions and at no more than 6 points (old weight watchers point scheme) very good and healthy.

I find it very tasty as Turkey Mince can be a bit dull and freezes well.