Today I thought I would watch a dvd. But we have a slight problem.

Over time we have collected a fair few films, and we made a decision 4 years ago to take them out of their original cases and put in flip cases to save space. Which was a good idea at the time.

But 4 years later and now 4 flip cases which hold 96 films, a total of 384 films it is impossible to find a certain dvd, which was the problem today.

So don’t know whether it was frustration or despair but spent about 2 hours taking every film out of the cases, and putting them into alphabetical order.

But doing so found loads more that need to be put in the cases and have run out of room. Guess what Case Logic don’t make/sell ours anymore.

At least I am nearly there, so when I want to watch Bridget Jones, I now know where I need to look!