As many of you all know I was struck down with flu, I managed to do a couple of important items at work but generally spent most of last week in bed drifting in and out of sleep, leaving all the chores around the house.

I did have to get hubbie to feed dogs, but found that he and my daughter didnt really eat properly, he allowed my daughter to have very odd combinations of food.

Saturday my daughter was having friends around, I said it could still go ahead as long as they tidied the house before and after the event and give her her dues she did.

But I started to try and do things on Sunday as work was looming on Monday, only to find not alot had been down while I was ill. The washing baskets were full, kitchen floor was covered in dust and dirt, empty drink bottles on the side. So I spent my sunday doing 4 loads of washing, tidying up, trying to write a shopping list and getting daughter to help with the ironing.

Usually husband is good with household chores, but why is it if you are not around to tell them what to do, nothing gets done? Can they not see past their noses?

I am still not quite 100% but getting there, annoyed as seemed to have lost 5 days out of my busy life!