Well its the school holidays, my daughter came home from school not with only a great report but news. Work Experience is to be abolished.

I can understand from both sides of the fence, it is very hard to find work experience placements now, many employers dont take any using the excuse health and safety & cost. My company still takes them but finding we are asked to take more placements throughout the year and have to turn some down because we dont have the time or facilities to take them all.

On the other side, it does take children out of school for 3 weeks of their school life, and in year 10 when some are expected to take exams early it can have a damaging effect. For those children who are not fortunate to be able to take exams early is this their chance to find out what career options they have and to show what it is like in the real world.

I think my daughter was disappointed but I already was having thoughts about where to apply to with the options in sports very limited.