Well Monday 25th  to my amazement there was an email heading ‘CONGRATULATIONS you have won a prize with VOGUE.COM’. On reading the email I had won £500 to spend at Daks, i had to reply within 21 days and confirm address for courier, which I did straight away. So pleased when they confirmed they had passed my details over to Daks so it was a wait now.

So Thursday 28th I was plodding around home, tidying up, washing, doing all the normal house stuff on my day off when my mobile rang, it was the manager Dill from Daks, asking when I wanted to visit the store to spend my £500. I explained I was due on holiday soon, so could I arrange when I returned from my hols end of August. Ah problem, the T&C stated once confirmed had to be used within 14 days. Panic mode set in, only have Thurs & Frids off work and things books in preparation for my hols. Told the guy I would ring him back, on phone to my bestie friend Vikki, trying to sort a time we could go up it turned out to be that day or nothing. So off to London we went….

It was sitting on the train we realised, we were very casually dressed, jeans and tops but heyho we were going.

We found the store, but like me fashionably early so we hunted a coffee shop before going to the appointment. On entering the store in Old Bond Street, it was very posh, asked for Dill and waited nervously. Well he was nothing I expected, yes a tad posh but very talkable and likeable. Made us both feel very at ease. He explain we could look around, just hand items to the shop assistant to put into the changing room, so off we went. To my amazement they actually carried size 18 and we both was grabbing items that appealed to us.

After a while when looking at all the summer collection (that was in the sale) we retired to try the items on. Much to both our disappointments, they clothes were very slim fitting, even my friend that is a size 12/14 had trouble fitting into the clothes.

Mega sigh!

So we went back out onto the shop floor to look around, dont despair there are bags!!!

Well I spent my £500, actually spent £495.00 😀

So for ME I got –

In the sale at £135.00In the sale at £112.50 but originally £175

In the sale at £45.00

So for my darling daughter Beth, she didn’t like the colour of the skinny trousers they had, so ended up with ..

This was £45.00 but originally £95.00

So your probably adding up in your head, that’s not £495.00 and no it’s not, because I dragged my best mate Vikki with me so couldn’t let her go home empty-handed…

This was £112.50 in the sale, does it look familiar, yes same as mine so she needs to check before going out together we are not using the same bag lol.

and a £95.00 belt reduced to £45.00

I must say we had loads of fun and totally enjoyed the afternoon even at short notice. Cant believe this is the 2nd designer win of the year, to those looking on in disbelief, keep on comping because you never know whats around the corner.

Good luck all xxx