If anyones teenage daughter is like mine, they are always getting invites to parties and with this comes presents. It was getting to a point where I was fed up keep having to go out and buy things, so just started shoving money in an envelope, which i dont really like doing.

Then one day my daughter was on my laptop and looked at one of the windows I had opened and said how much she liked the bracelet, could she have one.

This was Sherieann handmade jewellery and ever since been hooked. They are really good quality and reasonable prices, and all the girls that have them as presents love them. I do tend to go for the bracelets (my favourites are the pandora type) and my last order has just been used up, so will need to think about restocking for the new school year soon.

This is what I ordered last time

they all come in lovely presentation boxes, so need for wrapping if you dont want to.

This bracelet did actually have a hanging charm, but i treated myself to this and didnt want it incase I caught it while wearing it everyday.

Go have a look for yourself, she has lots more than bracelets at reasonable prices

http://www.sherieann-jewellery.co.uk/ or on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/RedRoses4 – @redroses4