Continuing the Challenge 234/181 for January/February/March/April/May/June

King & Queen Salt/Pepper Pots

montagne jeunsse Mask

a vogel hair complex

get buzzing banana bar

novatech 320g hard drive

plain lazy sunglasses

asda union jack cushion

canvas bag

escape card

dear dumb diary book

encyclopedia of sandwiches

cleopatra a life- stacy schiff book

vue gift card

evermore the immortals book

nivea for men wash & shave gel

nivea for men moisturiser

nivea for men moisturiser

nivea for men moisturiser

ann summers hot flush lip gloss

waybuloo Pipling plush toy

pilgrims choice goody bag

champion of the playground

hot pants

2 3d cineworld tickets

zoflora goody bag

wheres wally book

moisturising shower gel

schwarzkopf miracle oil

hershey chocolate bar

cleo 2 face masks

salcura skin therapy

Daks spending spree

Walkers crisps

2 x foodies festival tickets

Might & magic heros code

zuma revenge code

seed parade seeds

BBQ championships tickets x 2

Yoga Holiday (returned for a redraw)

celebrity slim

you against me book

kaloo booties

aveda trial smooth infusion

mosi zapper

fast & furious 5 goody bag

Sonos zoneplayer s5

celebritity slim

miffy pyjamas

tigers wife book

salcura skin therapy

coronation street pc game

bioeffect egf travel serum

montagne jeunsse mask

6 mobile mocks

total for July 54/31

total year to date 288/212