I was lucky enough to have my parents bring this film back from America on DVD, so we settled down to watch the film, the only name I really knew was Jake Gyllenhaal the main character, but the other characters all played their roles within the film well.

Basically he wakes up on a train to find he is in a strangers body. As the film continues you find he is part of an experiment, where he is able to live the last 8 minutes of someones life, which ends up being blown up on a train. He is contained within a container and talks to an officer called Goodwin and his mission is to find out who planted the bomb on the commuter train. With out ruining the film, he is sent back several times to achieve the mission.

You do need to concentrate as it keeps flipping back to the 8 minutes on the train, but saying that I was not fully awake by the last 30 minutes of the film, but had to make sure I watched the ending because I needed to find out what happened.

Its a good action thriller with a few good twists and I would give 7/10