Well its sunday and went to bed at 9pm US time, 2am UK time, which meant I was up for around 24 hrs.

But still after 6hrs sleep up at around 3.30am, but gave me some valuable time to myself. One of my friends sons got up soon after, followed by mum. By 7am everyone was up and the kids eager to get into the pool. They could but due to staying in my parents residental home, worried about waking neighbours at such an early time.

We were planning to go to Wallmarts today, which didnt open till 10am, but we all went. One thing I did bring out this year was Beths walkie talkies, that she got as a present a while ago. These were brill as the mums went around doing a food shop the kids could wander off and not get lost. It worked no one got lost in Wallmart, and if you think that could be impossible in a supermarket, the Wallmart we go to is huge.

So after a few hrs and a bill of $350 we drove back home, today is a relaxing day letting the kids get used to the time difference, so it was by the pool. It was a hot one today and by 3.30pm we all were waining, so came in for a cool down. Monday is an outlet shopping day, which could prove expensive – ouch!

No pics today except the van, we have 6 people so need a bigger car, well its not a car, and today I took it out  for a drive locally with Vikki. PMSL when reversing it has a camera so you can see behind lol