Today we decided to go to Prime Outlets Orlando Shopping. It is situated at the end of International Drive, not far from Universal Studios.

But 1st thing is a Starbucks

As you can imagine there are every type of shops from Nike, Reebok to Juicy Coulture and Guess. Yeap and you guessed it we went into loads of shops, with a few bargains on the way. Vikki treated herself to some brilliant black linen trousers from Juicy in the sale, followed by some jewellery from Guess. We wandered around, going into many shops. Tommy Hillfigger Viks oldest son got the most amazing shirt, and Beth found an amazing skinny teeshirt. But it was in the Nike Store that we got the oddest purchase. Beth wanted some spikes for athletics and also some new trainers and amazed when she wanted these…..

barbie pink lol.

Well we are all shopped out and tired so a takeaway for tea as cant be bothered to get ready to go out. We did something funny in a shop, pretended to try on dresses, while the boys and Vik did I will only show Beth in the one she wanted and I didnt buy..