Today we took a trip to Kennedy Space Centre, I have never done it before but Beth has. They do a special package which we took, it works out to be £52.00 per person, this includes entry to the complex, plus a buffet dinner with a Veteran astronaut and a tour to no access areas (which the normal tour doesn’t take you). Even though they are no longer got a space program in NASA at the moment, it was very good and well worth a visit.

Sam Gemar, he spoke for around 30 mins after you had eaten, there was sodas and coffee/tea. The buffet meal was brilliant. Tip if you go, grab a slice of cake when you get your main, because they go quickly especially the chocolate cake! Your get to have your photo taken with him as well, and they will always take the photo with your own cameras, so you don’t need to buy theirs.

You get a time slot for the tour and know you are special when you have a red carpet to stand on lol

You are taken to the edge of the military area 1st, as we were stopped I noticed a pair of dolphins in the water, you can just make out their fins on the above photo.

This is one of the launch pad sites at Kennedy, not near the vehicle assemble area, the shuttle is moved quiet a distance between the 2, its quiet amazing really.

These are the doors of the vehicle assembly building, with the shuttle they only have to be opened half way, the reason why so tall is when they were launching Apollo Ships in the 60s then the doors have to opened all the way.

Think this picture puts into perspective how big the building is!

Even though Nasa own all the site, they havent develops on alot of the land and are very much into keeping it preserved for the wildlife. It’s not very clear but in the tallest tree there is a bald-headed eagles nest, this is over 70 yrs old and every year the pair come back and lay eggs.

The end of the ‘special no access tour’ you are taken to where all the people can go, the Apollo spaceship and boy its huge!

you will never get it all in 1 photo but this is the best one to show the size!And you can’t go all that way without having some lovely space ice cream lol.

It was a very busy day, we got there around 10:30 and left mins before they closed at 7pm but well worth a visit if you havent done it before.