Today we went to Aquatica, this is Seaworlds water park. It has the same things as wet n wild except no tall long drop flumes.

It was very hot today around 104 degrees so I spent most of my time in the wave pool, which I have paid for …….

We left around 3, it started to get alot busier and hotter!!

Came home and then went to Sports Authority, wonder why. Oh child of mine not only wanted Pink trainers (which we got from Nike store) but wanted pink spikes, which proved to be harder than thought!

Online it showed some pink ones she wanted

but in store nothing, apparently its not track season anymore. They run another store and reserved some, so we drove off to this store, and I drove. Vikki was impressed that  I knew where I was going without a sat nav. We got to the store, but they werent the ones she wanted. They were very helpful and allowed us to order them online and have them delivered to their store for collection. Rather impressed with the staff, while we was sorting out that poor Vikki spent $145 on clothes, then my daughter saw a sports bag she wanted, which was a pink n black nike bag $27 but as Vikkii as gone through the checkout already, got me a 25% off voucher, result.

So all the kids were happy and the parents bank balance less!