Today we visited Islands of Adventure, which is home to Harry Potter. Vikki and the boys are so lucky cos I went on the ride again! Dont often do rides that I dont like twice, so they are honoured.

Again a big wait 75 mins, but it was over 90 mins when we got off, so my advice do it 1st. Then to Ollivanders wand shop, and boy did the Archers all shop, wands glawer. There was not many people going round in full Hogwarts uniform but think the weather had something to do with it – over 100 degrees. It is also very busy, but no queuing to get into that section of the park, which is better. We did a few other rides on way out, also Universal do refillable cups, they say only on day of purchase, but this is not the case, same with most of the other parks.

me in the wand shop, you can just see Vikki with all the wands they got!

we managed to catch some super heros on the way out of universal

this is my baby with her idle at the moment, Captain America, though think she may have competition cos Vikki said he was very dreamy too lol.

We finished the day in the pool, me and Vik in the jacuzzi with wine lol