Bad news, last night I went to bed with a migraine, dont really know what caused it, but missed dinner, so woke up telling them to go to Busch Gardens without me and they would not.

Eventually when i woke up around 11am no one was here, realised I hadnt eaten for over 24 hrs, so had some toast.

After a while they returned, ladened down with bags so looks like they had a heavy shopping outing, Vikki bought her Samsonite cases she wanted as one of her cases was damaged on way out, but she had been to Beales and got handbags.

Later on when feeling A1 I drove us round there and looked around, OMG bargain of the day!!!! Found some shoes half price, actually slightly more than half price! I could not decide on colours so got the black and puter colours oops!

We also needed some more food bits and ended up spending just over $100 at targets, easily done! A bit of a boring day, or a rest day for us, tomorrow seaworld during day, to see the shows!