Today we decided to do Seaworld, yes we already been there but during the evening to see Shamu Rocks, but there are lots of other daytime shows. Thats one good thing with flex tickets, you can break parks down into manageable pieces, so not to wear yourself out and enjoy them better.

Now you can check online for the show times, the 1st show was 10am, the Dolphin and Whale show. Last year they were doing that stadium up so never got to see the show, and it did not disappoint. truly magnificent, with not only dolphins and whales, but acrobats and divers, well worth a watch.

We went round the Manatees and sting rays but due to my allergies and the fact the sting rays were very splashy I couldnt go near the tanks to take a picture.

We then went onto Journey to Atlantis (water ride) the ones in the front got most wet, until we all started spashing water over each other, The Kracken only had a 10 min wait, so the rest went onto there, then a mad dash to grab the next show.

Clyde and Seymour sealion show, this hasnt changed at all since last year but very funny and entertaining, piece of advice, get a seat out of the sun, cos it was very hot.

Then for some lunch and while the kids was finishing it off, we went to save some seats in the daytime shamu show, managed to get some right in the centre out of the splash zone of course. If you havent heard about the splash zone, all of the shows that involve water have them and the shamu show, if you sit there YOU WILL GET WET!

This was the largest of the killer whales before the water left the pool for the audience.

The show is good with lots of different jumps and acts from the whales.

It was a great day but very hot again, home to cool down and chill out for rest of day.