Today we didnt do much as it was a manic and late night the night before, so stayed around the pool then went off to disney to play Fantasia Mini Golf.

We we got there it was shut, due to the storm! Yes we all looked up in the air wondering where the storm was, we drove through a rain shower to get there but that was it??

Now what?? We I  spotted a Disney Hotel within walking distance and never been in one, so thought we would explore it.

It is the swan and dophin resort, classed as an Epcot hotel –

It was very nice and no security so we had a wander around, the kids all tried out the hammocks (and fell out of them as well 🙂 ).

The lobby area was very grand – which you would not expect anything different being a disney hotel, lots of seating, waterfall and a few shops.

So after wandering around the shops we headed back to the  golf. It is quite pricy really to play golf (about $12) each but it is good fun, you are not suppose to have more than 4 on a team, but we all played together. Take drink with you as it can be quite humid at times and takes a good 90 mins to complete.

Afterwards we went off to a chinese restaurant recommended by my dad, Dragon Court Chinese Buffet, (407) 238-9996, 12384 S Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando. It is on the junction  of the 535 and Apopka Vineyard Road. Its a buffet, so lots to eat including ready made Sushi rolls. It was good and only $12-$14 each. Soft drinks are refillable, and service charge was included in the bill, to make sure all the staff get a share, but our waitress was really good so gave her some cash as well. You will need to ask for a finger bowl if required, we have explained what one is, so they should know now 😉