Today we are up north (only by 2hrs) to a town called Micanopy (just under Gainsville), its a relatively easy journey on the I75 (motorway) all the way.

The town is very much a sleepy town, with lots of antique shops fall of tat lol.

We had something special planned for the evening, but needed to lose a few hrs before hand. As we drove up into Gainsville, where all the students were returning to the University. Gainsville is mainly made up of University of Florida, its one of the main campus. We stopped at Paynes Prarie . Whenever we have been there its always dry, but can be under water at some points of the year, with the chance of Alligators!



 We was recommended to eat in Sonnys Real Pitt BBQ and boy it was most definately yummy and reasonable priced  Stuart and Vikki had a pitcher of beer so left to me to drive to the surprise!!

We were off to Gainsville Airport, where Frank keeps his plane, he was going to take up Vikki and the boys (one at a time as its only a 2 seater plane) for a 30 min trip.

They absolutely loved it, so it was back to Shady Oaks for some sleep!