Today we was planning to go to Silver Springs but never got there.

When we all got up the kids decided to go out on the golf buggy. Micanopy is a golf cart community which means you can use them as well as cars on certain roads. Well that was it the kids wanted to go off in it, and once they were off we couldnt get them out of it.

Also Stuart and the kids stopped by the fire station and Sid the youngest got dressed up in full breathing equipment lol.

So by the time we got out of IHOP for breakfast it was nearly midday, not worth paying out for entry into silver springs. Okay plan B, I drive to Cedar Key around 2 hrs, well we was nearly there and certain members of the party could not hold out for the toilet anymore, so had to go into a Dollar General, and we ended up spending nearly $100!

Now we went to Cedar Key a few years ago and it was not like it now, very disappointing. There was a horse and trap that went around the town that was not there, and yes the weather was a bit damp but hardly any people, must be out of season. It was a nice trip out still.


So we drove back to Micanopy and had tea with the guys, it was a local pizza place very down to earth but gorgeous!