Today we planned to do Universal Studios, but there was a spanner in the works, Beth woke up not feeling 100% so 2 options, she stays at home or someone stays with her. It was plan b Stuart stayed at home with her, while I took Vik and the boys to Universal Studios, I was super efficient and got them there, as it opened.

I didnt do a route march but we managed to do most of the rides they wanted to except Terminator, they were tired and it was hot.

While waiting for them outside the simpson ride, I spotted a squirrel, now this squirrel was not frightened at all, it was climbing all over parked buggys, just glad the zips on the bags were done up!

You can just see it climbing around the hood.

A nice surprise happened today, I was very fortunate to meet someone who helped and advised me when I first joined MSE, over the years I feel honoured to call her a friend. As I was sitting I noticed this person, and wondered, I knew they were in the country at the same time, so thought I would ask, as I approached I knew straight away it was her. We had a small chat but so pleased we got to meet, I wont name or post the picture, but knows she reads my blog, so HI again lol.

It was after lunchtime, when I took them all home, Stuart went out to get some fishing bait and took the kids to a friends boat jetty on the Lakes of Windermere. They were gone a few hours, which gave me some time to catch up on my blogs but totally shocked when they returned.

They caught a cat fish and while retrieving it from the water saw this…. (no zoom lenses was used in these pictures)

it was a good job they were on a high jetty!

Beth took a video of this so once she has posted it online I can post it but wow, they were close!

Dinner tonight was at the cracker barrel, it usually has a shop before the restaurant, and the food is very home cooked food, can make a change from the usual stuff.