Todays mission was to finish Seaworld, there was a few bits we didnt do including Penguins, Sharks and Dolphin feeding. Also the kids got to go on the rides for one last time.

So we done it all now, the local kids have gone back to school and I did notice loads of new British people, wandering around all hot and bothered! They must have catched the last 2 weeks before the kids go back to school.

We then popped into Prime Outlets (end of International Drive) Stuart wanted to go back to the Timberland store to get the $19.99 sandals and ended up with 3 shirts as well all for under $64.00 so bargain!

But Beth wanted a pair of Vans, so I made a dash to the Vans store while the others were in Timberland, and guess what didnt have her size, so it was intot Journeys around the corner and yay they had the black ones she wanted at a cost of $47 still cheaper than the UK.

So it was back home for a while and we planned to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, and it was brilliant.

We did have a laugh on the way home, the Kids were ‘planking’. This is Beth with a nice view of Hard Rock Cafe in the background over the lake.