OK so its that time, when you have done most of the rides in Island of Adventure and there is no way out of it – the water rides.

We needed to a couple of other ones we had missed but it was time.
There are 3 in Island of Adventure – Log Flume – not such a wet one, River Adventure – if you bend down at the right bit, you wont get wet but Popeye Barges you are gonna get soaked!

So River Adventure (one in Jurassic Park bit) I didnt get very wet at all, while the others all did lol. The log flume was shut because of technical problems, so on to the barges (Congo river type) and boy we got soaked. The worse thing about water rides is wandering around afterwards, but luckily we timed it so we went straight home!

We were doing something different for dinner, we was going to Medieval Times, it is based on the 192 is Kissimmee http://www.medievaltimes.com/  . Now I have been to one of these dinner shows before, but we are talking 1987 and it was King Henry’s Feast in Orlando International Drive, so Stuart was keen to do it as never done. We went with a friend that lives in Florida and managed to get it for $35 which is a really good price.

To be honest when we got there the kids were not very enthusiastic but when we got seated they got into the fun of it all. You get 2 soft drinks, 3 course meal and coffee, (wine, cocktails and beer can be purchased). If you get beer get the throw away cups they still make a great souvenir. Please be advise you eat with your fingers, and even though given a wet wipe and flannel thing, you may need to take some wet wipes.

End of the night, well we all thoroughly enjoyed it.