We didnt need to get up early but some birds had other ideas outside, they were noisy!

So after a lazy morning,  we made a trip to the Mall of Millenia.

Now this is home to Bloomingdales, Macys, Holiister, A&F and of course the very famous Cheesecake Factory

We was only planning to have a drink but had a light lunch as well





So after all the shopping we went back for a rest!

Today was Stuarts birthday and we  decided on Angel Lobster and Seafood Buffet in Kissimmee http://www.angelslobsterbuffet.com/ . They shut at 9pm and if you go after 6pm to have lobster included it is $36.99, we done it so the kids didnt have lobster, so they only paid less but tasted ours, its alot of fun and alot of mess! Trying different bits, you soon work out what you like and it is a buffet after all. It was nice and we all enjoyed it all x