Well I come home from work, get my dinner, just about to eat it and Beth shouts ‘Mum Honey has rolled in something’.

Brilliant, had to be the week that my husband was not around to deal with, so telling Beth to leave her outside and I finish my meal in peace.

So I go and investigate, thinking its dirt, OMG it was definately not dirt – foxes poo. Why they do it I have no idea, but that was not the problem, washing the dog was the problem.

Ever since I had my nice new Bathroom with my posh bath, hubbie has been washing the dog outside using the hose. But that was the summer, and it was too cold, well I felt it was too cold to do. So what on earth am I gonna do?

Solution, wash her in the shower! Are you mad I can hear you scream, well the shower cubicle is quite big, so I tell Beth to lay towels on the floor in the bathroom, I hunt down the special shampoo (because of Honeys skin complaint) and pull her into the bathroom and shut the door.

GET THE WINDOW OPEN NOW I yell trying not to gag, and force the dog into the shower.

It actually wasnt that bad or messy, dont know what the dog thought, but managed it, without my daughter help and didnt get too wet in the process.

My husband couldnt believe I washed her in the shower and wanted proof,

‘Dont worry Dad I took photos’ – thanks Beth!