It started a while ago…. upon investigation it turned out to be my daughters laptop.

Somehow previously she broke her charger, so we got another via ebay. Well this charger along with the laptop never been turned off has melted the laptop. We took it to a computer shop, and come away with another charger, the one from ebay was apparently faulty.

Well the laptop hadnt been used for a while due to our holiday, but passing her bedroom I could smell a  funny smell. She claims it was the hair straightners.

No it wasnt, my husband found the charger was melting the laptop again, and decommission it!  It is less than 4 yrs old and I am annoyed that as she is at senior school she needs one for home work etc. So had to fork out for another.

We have come across a good find, PC world are on ebay and selling brand new items as well as recondition. So she is happy brand new HP laptop for £267, my bank balance is not however.

Where the charger is plugged in, you can see the outer has melted

The Laptop casing where it has melted and cracked!

The Currys PC World link to ebay in case anyone is interested