If you know me, you know I enjoy a good cup a soup. Tried and tested them all! They are an easy quick fix at work, as I rarely leave my desk, and 2 of the days I work cant really leave the offices.  So having tried them all, and no blog topics I thought I would share my find with you all.

Ainsley Harriott. Yes there are cheaper options, but they are watery and tastless. I have tried most flavours, and are on offer at Tescos and Asdas at the moment 2 for £1.50. So what are my favourite flavours – anything with sweetcorn! Yes I will pick it out if I find it has it in, thats just me. They are also very warming with the cold days drawing in.


So this is one of my favourite flavours, even my daughter likes it. Have lots of flavour and not too thick, so a normal size mug is fine.

It is one of the lowest calories with 70 per sachet and 0.2g of saturated fat.


Now this is not so low cal but is nice for a treat. Lots of flavour, with onion pieces and croutons. Best leave it to stand for a minute if you dont want your croutons too crunchy, also you will find the onion settles on the bottom of the mug. A normal size mug is fine for this as no too thick.

Calories per sachet 95 and saturated fat is 0.7g


Now this is the lowest calorie content and one of the spiciest, Orient tangy tomato, chilli with a hint of ginger, with lots of veg bits. Again not a too thick soup so a normal size mug is fine. One of my favourites, very tangy and full of flavour.

Calories 57 and Saturated fat TRACE!


Now this is a thick soup, very tasty but thick, i find a normal mug sometimes not the best option, so will either half it or a big mug.  It is not low cal either with 100 calories and 1.1g sat fat, but a nice soup.

So these are the 4 packs I have empty at the moment, there are many more as stocked up while on offer.