As you may be aware, my daughter loves her sports, becoming Junior District Champion for Long Jump.

So when she went up to senior school, she was still encourage, and at the district came 3rd for Long Jump. The head of PE seeing potential in her, encouraged us to join the local athletics club, which we did.

So U13 she did a little of everything, finding what she feels best at, which turns out to be Long Jump, 100m and lately Discus.

She occasionally does pentathlon, but over the last 18 months has struggled getting over a mental block with long jump, well this year she achieved over the 4m mark and jumps over that, 100m she not the fastest but the speed helps with long jump. Discus she throws a decent 18-19m.

So when she asked to go to pole vault training every fortnight at Lea Valley, I wondered why? I had the opportunity to watch her this week and she is not bad, she managed to jump 2m, but still needs to learn to push the pole back when jumping. When she gets into U17 category she can take part in competitions, so hence starting her off now.

So whats next…. triple jump apparently, not such a shock when she is a good long jumper – again another U17 event.

I am so proud of her and when she appeared on the power of 10 for the east, showed that all the hard work, mums taxi and standing around in the cold and rain paid off.

So at the end of the season she is 57 for long jump and 58 for discus. You may think that’s not that good, but she is competing against girls who are a year older and its their 2nd year in that category. So I have high hopes for the next season.