As i sat here today (thursday) my land line rang – now this is unusual in itself as most people ring me on my mobile, I have caller id and didnt recognise the number, so straight away was on my guard.

Hello Mrs J****, yes

I am blah blah from Microsoft Operating Systems

Now alarm bells were ringing in my head!

The foreign person on the other end of the line, was telling me that my computer had some online infections because we had been clicking on links from non secure sites etc. I then started about the security on my machines, in my mind thinking **how did they get my number**

He then proceeded to tell me that this in a windows problem that cannot be detected by any anti virus program!!

If I go to my machine, he would guide me what to do, this will not mean me going online – yeah right you want me to change my computer settings

Ok yes ok you tell me what to do and I will think about doing it, with that the man rang off, he obviously realised I was not some stupid person that would just do something. I did keep going on about ID, I said you could be anyone from anywhere I don’t know you are who you claim to be!

I have caller ID and the number is 03606339006 and googling it they appear to be scammers

As i said they put the phone down on me as I was obviously too much hard work to scam, so don’t know what they wanted me to do but please be aware, just put the phone down!