As many of you know I have 2 cocker spaniels, Lucy is my english cocker and Honey my American Cocker, both rehomed – each have their own issues due to past owners.

Honey has the additional issues of allergies, she developed alot of skin problems and after £1200 worth of testing, the results showed she is allergic to Beef, Chicken, Pork and Milk. This causes no amount of problems with food, and have to make sure anything given her is checked beforehand.

She looks so peaceful here sleeping but we have problems, 1st is her teeth again, because of her allergies she cant have any chews because of the ingredients. But I have found some chews she can have, so she she has had them but had some bleeding during the chewing, so needs to keep an eye on it, I am hoping that I dont need to take her to the vets for them to be cleaned again.

2nd problem is worrying, i am so careful with her food but she has developed fur loss


Looking it up, they suggest adding olive oil into the diet, but these new chews also have alot of oils in them so hoping its gonna work, otherwise its back to the beginning with the food.

Its such a shame because she is such a loving dog with a big personality.