Like many clubs and schools, Athletics are crying out for volunteers. Not only coaching the youngsters but as Officials at Events.

Essex in order to encourage volunteers offered to pay for a course hosted by UKA, not that I was not going to do it anyway. But when I found one locally I signed up. Nervous at what to expect, as I am not the most athletic of people, but doing it to support the club that my daughter attends.

It lasted roughly 4hrs and covered all field events, what is expected of you, where to stand, etc. Alot of it I roughly knew anyway, being a parent that goes to most of the competitions with my daughter. I just now need to put what I have learnt into practice. I need to go to 4 seperate competitions to help officiate and get my logged signed off then I get a Level 2 class C. Class C is more club competitions, B is county events and A is National, so I could go as far as I want to. Just need to get the courage now to put myself forward at athletic competitions.