I was given some samples of a foundation by a friend and I thought I would give them a whirl.

I think any woman in her 30s plus, tend to find a product they like and stick with it, mine is Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Liquid foundation, but was told that it is to be discontinued, whether that is true or not I dont know, but with 2 bottles I am sorted for a while.

Anyway the foundation I was sent was Max Factor Ageless elixir Natural. It is a foundation and a serum, and was keen to try it out.

Ageless Elixir foundation simultaneously helps to protect against the ageing effects of the sun, keeping skin moisturised and protected to help you look and feel your best.

The secret to the foundation’s innovation is in the well-blended, ‘elixir’ formula, which helps to:
1. Deliver instant medium to high coverage – through Ageless Elixir’s specially treated pigments that reflect light.
2. Improve skin tone by protecting and hydrating via the moisturising skincare formula.
Reading the description above I decided to give it the best test I could think of, as a eczema sufferer, my skin becomes very dry after showering, including my face, and usually smother it in moisturiser before any make up is applied. Well I didnt, I just applied the foundation to my skin, which I could feel was dry. I was astonished by the results, it covered well, not creating any dry patches, hiding any blemishes as well. It kept a good coverage throughout the day as well.  The only downside was the shade was natural, I would usually go for a darker shade to help with my dark circles under my eyes. It has a great texture, subtle fragrance and a SPF15 built in.
I am definitely going to buy this foundation to use now.
I comes in a range of shades – light ivory, warm almond, bronze, beige, golden and natural.
It is currently £12.99 in boots but have a £2 voucher against that, but from other reviews I have read, a little goes a long way, so could possibly last a while.