So as most of you all know my daughter is into Athletics, well actually most sport, but specialises in athletics.

Also since giving up my voluntary roles, had itchy fingers, well no actually got a bit lazy.

Dont ask my how or why but I must have shown some promise or committment with going round to competitions during last season, as was not only asked to help at the club but to take a ‘coaching assistant’ qualification.

So when you stop rolling around laughing, yes I know I am not athletic at all, and I mean at all. Fit well I can walk around for ages, but I have stamina, determination and I am stubborn. If I put my mind to something I will succeed. I have to admit I was very very nervous, but glad as another ‘mum’ was coming with me.

The Course was £130 and run by UK Athletics and over 2 days, which happened to be a weekend, so you must be pretty committed to doing the role.

It was all very friendly, what you want to achieve, what you dont want, and how best you learn the 1st things we was asked to do, so not a  bad start.

I would say it had alot of physical content, which I managed to do quite alot of, there was only 2 I declined to do, so I was proud of myself with that. Knackered yes, and did my thighs ache Monday, so I was glad I had monday off work.

There was a work book we was working from, but they were really just going through

how 2

what 2

The 2 main things when organising tasks or activities. We did cover most types of athletics we can help/perform, we cannot do hammer, discus which is understandable.

As we were going through sunday, the final task was looming, and we both was dreading it. Luckily I was paired with the other mum, so not too bad, and we had to organise and execute a task which the rest of our group will perform.

Well we did dishes and dooms, and well, apparently we had good control, well organised and the only criticism was our nerves – lol

SO I PASSED, will be getting my license soon. So what will this entail, well I will be finding out soon………….

I would say that I do enjoy working with kids, feel a sense of achievement, so if you have some spare time there are lots of activities within your community that are always crying out for helpers, not matter how large or small………..

If you have any questions just ask will try and answer