From the start of November people wear red poppies in rememberance of those service men and women who died for our country. So why red poppies, they are the flowers which grew on the battle fields after the World War 1 ended.

Each year, volunteers sell these poppies in the street all over Britain. You can decide how much money you want to give to the poppy sellers.

I like many I wear my poppy with pride, and often end up losing them. Last year I had 4 paper ones before finding a really good idea. A poppy lapel pin.  I usually put £1 for a poppy, but frustrated when I loose them, not for the money but the symbol it represents. The volunteer said its more than a £1, I grabbed a money bag I have in my handbag full of change and gave it to him, while another gentlemen pinned the lapel pin on my coat, they said ooo you have given us too much money – ‘keep the change’ I was very impressed with my new poppy.

So this year when I passed a box I grabbed some £1 coins out of purse to put in but declined the poppy as already wearing one with pride.

So you are probably wondering why a blog post, well my daughter saw on Daybreak the presenters wearing some very fetching poppies and asked if she could have one. I did look around but couldnt find one, much to her dispair, I got a lapel one for the time being until we could find one.

They are crystal Buckley poppy brooch and didnt realise till I was researching this blog post, that they are sold on the website (which I have now ordered)  They come in medium and large. But as it was too late Beth decided to do the next best thing, pimped her poppy.

So she got a paper poppy, pvc glue and red glitter and think she did a great job.