I am a bzz agent and asked to test some dog food. It is vegetarian approved, but the samples I was sent had meat content, as was the bag I got with the coupon at Tescos.
I have a dog that has alot of allergies, so to find that this dog food was available and hyper allergic I jumped at it.
The Lamb and rice was the 1st tried, it was not very smelly and both dogs ate it with no fuss. They did not experience any stomach upset and my dog with the allergies did not have any rash or fur loss.
The Turkey and rice, was a success with the dog that suffers from allergies, but my other dog was not too keen on it, so had to mix a bit of the lamb mix in and then she ate it. Again no adverse effects was observed.
I will definately be buying it again as stocked in local tescos and dont have to order loads online.