As most of you know my daughter is very much into her Athletics. She is pictured here in the long jump pit at Lee Valley (our second home lol).

All i can say its been an expensive weekend, 3 pairs of new shoes!!

Well when we came home from America in August, we bought a pair of trainers and running spikes. Later we find the spikes are more suited for long jump rather than sprinting, brilliant so I still need to get another pair of spikes, as its best to have a separate pair for long jump!

So for the last few months I have been searching the internet for a pair that Beth like, its hard because its not really athletics season, well this weekend I gave up and let Beth look, she found some, and I wasnt really looking, just made sure it was under the £50 budget I gave her. Well OMG they have turned up and the bling.

They look pretty normal from the top view, they are black but the flash made the shiny bits come out white, underneath is a different story!

It was hard to photo but basically underneath they are chrome!! and shiny – blinging!! I have to check the bill because they look expensive but no in budget. Trust Beth to choose them. So this is shoes NO1

No2, she had normal pink trainers, but we found a problem, she has worn the front of them out!

They dont look too bad from the top but underneath under the toes, all the grip has gone. We figured it was through using them for throwing events like Discus and Shot. So took advantage of my parents as they are out in America at the moment, and send specific instructions of where, size make and design to grab another pair.

So in order not to wear out another pair of trainers we have invested in No3 shoes, special throwing shoes. They have total rubber underneath and looks ideal.

So I am now hoping Beth is set up for the forthcoming season, I know my bank account has been dented. Lets hope it gives her the extra speed/lift she needs for some new Pbs.