As you know my ‘little’ girl is very much into her Athletics, on her twitter description she even says ‘Athletics is my life’.

So after the new year, it was straight into the indoor season, spending alot of time at Lee Valley.

1st was the Southern Championships, over 2 weekends. The 1st weekend was the multi events, Pentathlon. Beth diesnt particulary enjoy it, not very good at 800m, hurdles and high jump. So we have spent alot of time working on her hurdles and high jump and boy did it help.

Hurdles she started from a standing start, mainly because we was working on her 1st hurdle, and did she fly coming 3rd smashing her previous pb from 12.7 to 11.03. I was absolutely over the moon, and to be honest the rest of the events I wasnt bothered with. Overall she got a better PB for the overall points and with her 800m even if just 3 secs.

So the following weekend was the individual events for the southern championships, and bought more pbs, 60m sprint she managed to cut it from 9.20 to 8.87, Long jump managed 14th but again pleased with results.

Next weeked was an open event at Lee Valley, she was doing 60m, Pole Vault and Long Jump, not doing too bad. Pole Vault was her debut after 18 months of training, once or twice a month. She didnt do too bad, but just needs to gain confidence.

Next weekend was Essex Indoor championships doing shot putt, 60m and long jump. She managed a new PB for shot but the shocker was long jump. We was chatting and her name was being called out on the Tannoy to go to the presentation area, erm why we didnt know. She only came 3rd for Long Jump, so currently is 3rd in Essex for Indoor Long Jump.

So the reason she looks puzzled in this picture is because we were in shock lol.

So overall it has cost me money, as she gets £5 per new Pb.

Rest of february and March has consisted of specialised training, but tomorrow is her 2nd attempt at Pentathlon. She is doing it mainly for Pbs, but hoping she will do all 5 events, she was gonna give 800m a miss but she wants something really badly and one of my terms is that she has to do all 5 events. What does she want??  Well her idol is Jessica Ennis and after the new kit came out for the olympics we find they actually do sell replica athletic kits.