So yesterday I went off to do my 1st practical part of my athletics official training. I did the theory back in October but need to have 4 practical sessions to be a level 2c which is club offical.
I recently got an email to ask if I could help at the county championships, I was a bit amazed as always led to believe that you had to have loads of years experience to be an county official. But it seems they are short for help. So anyway looking at the dates I chose a multi event weekend, thinking thats 2 day on my practical (lol not silly).

So it seems I am now on a list and was asked on Monday if I could help at Lee Valley for an open, so I agreed. Boy I was nervous, think it was walking into the unknown. So I walked in and made to feel very welcome. I also thought being a newbie I would get easy tasks, racking the sand, collecting throwing implements, putting the bar on high jump, was I wrong.

Taking the lead in 2 events, spiking in a throwing event and I chose to put the bar on for high jump. I was really surprised I was given important tasks, but they must have had some confident in me, even though I said I was very very very nervous.

But it was a very hectic day and I did enjoy myself, getting my 1st part done, 3 to go. One reason it was hectic was the lack of people to help, so it seems that this is very common across all the ball now. Is it that people just dont have the time to volunteer through working more? Cant be bothered or dont know that many organisations need help?