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Is it a myth?

Ok gonna show my age now, but do you remember the adverts that Nanette Newman did for Fairy Liquid??

The one where she showed how many dishes a bottle did compared to their leading competitor?

Well I had to wash up everything for a week since my dishwasher was ill, and no way can that advert be true unless they were clean plates and dishes to start with! After a normal meal, I was using 3 bowls of water and washing up liquid to get through it all. Now surely if I compared that to the advert, it wont last that long. Or am I doing something wrong?

Also in drought situation we are in, I am using alot more water than normal, so not saving water.

Its got me thinking, the older version of fairy washing up liquid may have been diluted since the 80s with the introduction of anti bacterial version, nice smelling versions, had the receipe changed?

All I know is I was very grateful when the repair man came on Tuesday and got it working again. I know I am lucky to have a dishwasher, but it is a big timesaver for me.  Just for the record, I use fairy dishwasher tablets, because they are not wrapped in something, so saves the unecessary waste!


Shhhhhh I can do it

Well when it comes to DIY, mending things, even pooper scooping my hubbie usually does it.


He went away to Germany for a car thing, so I was left to look after things. On Saturday I had a slight problem with my washing machine, it wouldn’t spin???? Full of washing and water. Damn it. I went looking for the manual and couldn’t find it!

Right so armed with towels, bowls and a bucket, i knelt down to the filter and oooooo there was a little hose. So pulling the plug out of it, the water started draining out. This took some time but eventually got rid of it all. So I then try to spin the washing again, nothing! But at least I could get the washing out. It was very wet and heavy, mmmmmmm.

I then put a  few items in and set it for a spin, it worked 🙂 So after an 2 hrs I managed to get the washing out and spun. Do I tempt it and try another load, yeah why not.

Only putting half load in, it was fine 😀

So I manage to sort the problem out with out the husband, but shhhhhh dont tell him!! He can still do the jobs and I can comp, hehe.


Activia Pouring Yoghurt

I didnt know what to expect as never used it before, I was unually surprised, it was very much like milk but thicker.

I decided to try it as a healthy alternative to cream 1st, we used it with fresh fruit, and went down a treat. Especially with the strawberries in season at the moment, it was great and really brought out the flavour well, we used the flavoured strawberry, vanilla and natural on different occasions and have to say we loved them all.
Also other types of fresh fruit went well with the vanilla or natural option.
My daughter loved it with Jelly too.
We tried it with various cereals, and 1st was worried due to thickness of the pouring yoghurt, it was better with weetabix, cherios, my daughter didnt like it with Krave as she likes the milk to soften them, but it didnt soften it enough for her. Apart from that it will be a great addition in our fridge from now on.

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