I was amazed when I heard I had won a competition on Twitter, even more surprised when the prize came through. It was from @SparklingRings on twitter   http://www.sparklingjewellery.co.uk   it was a very generous and lots of different pieces.

3 sets of great dress earrings, I thought they looked heavy but quite the opposite, kept them in all evening and great for nights out.

This is one of my favourite items, a black Shamballa bracelet, its very comfortable and goes with anything, I wear it almost every day and have had quite a few comments about it.

I wore this ring to match the bracelet on a night out, I was worried that it wouldnt fit my finger but was perfect.

I love these set of 3 dress rings, I wore them on nights outs lately and finished my outfit nicely.

I have to say these earrings are very classy and love them.

Last was the what I think is her signature necklaces, the twin coin in both gold and silver finish. I think these are unusual, great for every occasion.

Looking at her website, there are lots of great items, would recommend them for great items and prompt delivery.