I didnt know what to expect as never used it before, I was unually surprised, it was very much like milk but thicker.

I decided to try it as a healthy alternative to cream 1st, we used it with fresh fruit, and went down a treat. Especially with the strawberries in season at the moment, it was great and really brought out the flavour well, we used the flavoured strawberry, vanilla and natural on different occasions and have to say we loved them all.
Also other types of fresh fruit went well with the vanilla or natural option.
My daughter loved it with Jelly too.
We tried it with various cereals, and 1st was worried due to thickness of the pouring yoghurt, it was better with weetabix, cherios, my daughter didnt like it with Krave as she likes the milk to soften them, but it didnt soften it enough for her. Apart from that it will be a great addition in our fridge from now on.