Well when it comes to DIY, mending things, even pooper scooping my hubbie usually does it.


He went away to Germany for a car thing, so I was left to look after things. On Saturday I had a slight problem with my washing machine, it wouldn’t spin???? Full of washing and water. Damn it. I went looking for the manual and couldn’t find it!

Right so armed with towels, bowls and a bucket, i knelt down to the filter and oooooo there was a little hose. So pulling the plug out of it, the water started draining out. This took some time but eventually got rid of it all. So I then try to spin the washing again, nothing! But at least I could get the washing out. It was very wet and heavy, mmmmmmm.

I then put a  few items in and set it for a spin, it worked 🙂 So after an 2 hrs I managed to get the washing out and spun. Do I tempt it and try another load, yeah why not.

Only putting half load in, it was fine 😀

So I manage to sort the problem out with out the husband, but shhhhhh dont tell him!! He can still do the jobs and I can comp, hehe.