Ok gonna show my age now, but do you remember the adverts that Nanette Newman did for Fairy Liquid??

The one where she showed how many dishes a bottle did compared to their leading competitor?

Well I had to wash up everything for a week since my dishwasher was ill, and no way can that advert be true unless they were clean plates and dishes to start with! After a normal meal, I was using 3 bowls of water and washing up liquid to get through it all. Now surely if I compared that to the advert, it wont last that long. Or am I doing something wrong?

Also in drought situation we are in, I am using alot more water than normal, so not saving water.

Its got me thinking, the older version of fairy washing up liquid may have been diluted since the 80s with the introduction of anti bacterial version, nice smelling versions, had the receipe changed?

All I know is I was very grateful when the repair man came on Tuesday and got it working again. I know I am lucky to have a dishwasher, but it is a big timesaver for me.  Just for the record, I use fairy dishwasher tablets, because they are not wrapped in something, so saves the unecessary waste!