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Life can be cruel….

Yesterday I was told something that has really effected me. A little girl is seriously ill. It’s another devastating blow for the family that to be honest has had their fair share.

It got me thinking, just how lucky me and my family are to be healthy, I am overweight as is my husband, but ok. Beth is super fit, but a stroppy teenager that at times I struggle with.

So please next time you moan, shout and are at the end of you patience, remember there is alot more people in a worse situation, take the time to reflect on what you have. Be happy and try for a happier life.

And please take time to pray for this little girl, she needs all the prayers we can give her, lets hope that God hears them and gives her a break……

A Gourmet Win

Last year I won a night away with Skoda and Classic FM.
My life being hectic, I left till last minute to use. So in May my hubbie and myself took the trip. Dogs went into kennels, Beth staying with grandparents. All was organised. We took the trip on the mayday weekend, Saturday 4th May to be precise.

So 1st was the car delivered, it was a skoda estate, it was nice, dont usually drive a diesel but all good.

So after over an hour around the M25, we arrived at our destination, Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey. OMG its amazing.

Great Fosters is a listed building, built in 1550 it was originally Henry VIII hunting lodge.

We went in and it was lovely and quirky, after checking in we was taken to our room, room is an understatement – Suite!!!

So I wonder whats behind this door…………..

oooo another door…..

So I wonder what the view is from the window?

Wow it was gorgeous.

So we had afternoon tea booked for 3pm, before that we decided to take advantage for the break in the weather and have a walk around the gardens.

So back inside …

Time for afternoon tea, but we opted for Champagne afternoon tea (hic)

Then came the cakes, tea and coffee..

and it was proper silver tip tea!!

So after all the travelling, food and walk we decided on a snooze in the room before dinner at 7pm!

Before Dinner was cocktails, we had 2 each lol

so now dinner time, 1st was an amuse-bouche

My starter, apparently its very embarassing me taking photos of everything, so I will just say the rest of the meal was yummy indeed and the wine was excellent.

We opted for coffee in the bar, in a comfy sofa.

So after all this food and drink, was time for bed.

Next morning we was down for breakfast, continential or cooked breakfast as option, I opted for the Vegetarian and Stuart full english breakfast.

We still had lunch, so after checking out we explored the local town visiting a really nice farm shop, purchasing some nice local sausages.

So back for sunday lunch, more food…..

Stuart opted for pate and I had rosotto

Then the main course

I got to say after all this food, I was stuffed, but time to leave for home. The staff and service here was A1 and nothing too much trouble.

The main door to the hotel, look closely it doesnt all open, but alittle door within a door!

and finally this bush, well more like giant tree, pruning must be hard

It was lovely, and nice to experience a hotel that we would never have dreamed of going to, mainly because of the cost. It was definately out of this world and nice to be spoilt.

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