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So when we 1st took Beth abroad we have been all inclusive, our reasons, because she was and still is a fussy eater. Somedays hardly eats anything others eating loads, so all inclusive has always been the best solution. She can choose what to eat and if she doesn’t like it, go get something else at no extra cost. Never piling the plates, we taught her to take a small spoonful, and then if she likes it go back for more. Unlike some of the plates we have seen so far this week, plates piled high as if they will never get another meal again, often not even finishing the food, what a waste! I will say in the defence of the British it is usual other nationaliies.

So drink is the same, we do it because you all know small children, have a tendento knock drinks over, I won’t lie, we both enjoy a tipple n the evening, never spiral alcohol before lunchtime and often beer or shandy. But in evenings often sat in the bar, having a drink trying local specialities and cocktails. I always remember when Beth was 3, she was fast asleep in her buggy, blanket over her and we waagin the bar with other people we had met, having a drink and laugh. A woman criticised me for having Beth in the buggy , I couldn’t believe it, she was asleep and no way was I a terrible mother for it, she was close to us and asleep, not causing anyone a problem, we also were very much still sober to take care of her, I would have rather kept her closmetro me than in a room by herself!

So going back to drinking at all inclusive holidays, we are walking out of breakfast at 10am and Russians are at the bar lining up shots of alcohol (vodka) yes at 10am!!! So you can imagine by the afternoon how noisy and rude they get, it wasnt gong to be long yesterday something got out of hand.

We yesterday a nice quiet afternoon, people lazing on sun beds, cooling own in the pool, when all of a sudden a British man knocked a Russian man in the pool for being ‘rude’, the Russian was actually making horrible remarks. Anyway the Russian got out the pool and it was clear to everyone around he was the worst for wear, he managed to tell people around he was ok the proceeded to dive back in the water, by this time there was 3 lifeguards, bar manager and other hotel staff all very worried when he suddenly got into difficulty. I grabbed myphone and recorded poor 3 smalEgyptian lifeguards trying to get him out!

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